Technology Development

BPEC pays great attention to research and development of engineering technology. Under the unified arrangement of Yanchang Petroleum Group, BPEC fully cooperates with Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences and American KBR on the development and application of the following projects coal oil co-processing, coal tar hydrogenation, light oil fluidized bed catalytic olefin making, olefin from oil and ethanol, ethanol/ethylene glycol from methanol, PX co-producing olefins from oil and ethanol, natural gas to benzene, natural gas to oil, FCC gasoline desulphurization, KBR Transport Integrated Gasifier (TRIG). Meantime, 8 demonstration projects are on-going, which include the coal-oil co-processing demonstration project which listed as a major special scientific project in Shaanxi province.


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