BPEC has absorbed excellent engineering design staff from petro-chemical industry and has established certain advantages in fields such as ammonia/urea, methane chloride, silicone, olefin production from coal, olefin production from Superflex, olefin separation, Superflex polyolefin (PP/PE), styrene, ethylene propylene rubber, polycarbonate, EO/EG, secButyl acetate and sulphur recovery. At present, BPEC is implementing the 450 KTA HDPE plant of Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group which is the world's largest similar plant, and the 150 KTA polycarbonate plant which is a non phosgene method device of domestic independent research and development. BPEC is cooperating with the group company and related scientific research institutes for technical development for production of ethanol from methanol, butyl acetate, olefin from oil and ethanol, PX co-producing olefins from oil and ethanol etc.

To meet the requirements for projects after joining Yanchang Petroleum Group, BPEC is expanding business in the fields such as natural gas chemical industry and salt chemical industry.

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