BPEC has established a good information technology system in order to support the company’s main businesses such as operation management, engineering design, EPC and project management contract, and support multi-regional collaborative work of company headquarters, subsidiaries and project sites. The IT infrastructure meets the needs of the application system, with the capability at domestic leading level. IT application system is under standardized, systematic and integrated development, so is a collaborative work platform. The development of IT application plays a good role for promoting management and technical innovation, system reform and working efficiency and quality. With the rapid development of IT, the company is continuously expanding business scope and technology and management innovation. IT system has been also upgrading year by year, achieving the dynamic updating, in order to better support the businesses of the company to achieve efficient operation.

BPEC information technology system's structure under development is shown in the figure below. This system can be summarized as "one platform, two layer, seven integrated application systems, ten data bases".

◆IT Infrastructure

BPEC sets up an information technology infrastructure platform mainly based on the company headquarters which provides services such as Email, FTP, data base, WWW, teleconference, video conference, remote access, file sharing, external equipment sharing and application integration system and special application.

The platform consists of systems such as local area network, wide area network, storage area network ( SAN), VPN, server farm, network management, desktop management, virus protection, storage and data backup, firewall, information system security and file encryption.

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◆Six systems at core business layer

OA system. It is developed based on MS platforms such as MS Office, Exchange and SharePoint etc.

Operation management system. It realizes the management of human resources ,office resources and cost etc.

Design integration system. It mainly consists of internationally and domestically well-known soft wares such as ASPEN PLUS, PRO/II, CHEMCAD, HTRI, HTFS, FRI, PDS, SP Review, SP Instrument, CAESAR II, ANSYS, PKPM, STAAD PRO, SW6, PV Desktop, ETAP, EES, ACS, TFT, AutoCAD and MicroStation etc.

Project management system. It is mainly custom-made from secondary development based on P6, MS Project and POWERON and achieves functions such as plan management, quality management, HSE management, contract and payment management, cost management, archives management, equipment and tool management, risk management and project human resources management.

Material control and procurement management system. It ‘s an integrated software system of design (bills of materials), requisition, purchase, storage, ex-warehouse and site material plan and distribution based on material flow and it can be used in the whole process of EPC.

Electronic document management system. It is developed using SharePoint and realizes the process management during the whole life cycle from the document production, approval, release, upgrade and canceled.

◆Integrated management system at enterprise management layer

Integrated management system at enterprise management layer.It is custom-made from secondary development based on POWERON and realizes functions such as management of business goal, marketing plan and contract, comprehensive plan, implementation plan, working hour and progress filling and reporting, project inspection, comprehensive statistical inquiry, project breakdown and allocation, allocation of human resources, task assignment, working hour and progress monitoring, system management, data dictionary, template management, resource scheduling and analysis, and P6 interface.

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