Engineering Consultation

BPEC possesses Class A certificates of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical engineering design qualifications, and completed more than 200 large-and medium-sized projects for factories/plants/oil depots/utilities involved in the fields of refining, petrochemical, natural gas, oil and gas storage and transportation, coal chemical industry, and environmental engineering. During which has accumulated rich experience in engineering design and can fully meet domestic and international customer needs.

To date, the completed and ongoing major projects include the Yan’an coal-oil-gas integrated utilization project(overall design, coal gasification, PP, PE, light oil to olefin, and utilities), Erdos 600 KTA synthetic ammonia and 1,040 KTA urea project, Dalian Changxing Island Guanghui 12 million m3 oil depot project, Guangdong Xinhuayue Petrochemical Co.’s 300 KTA styrene extraction from pyrolysis gasoline, Beihai City’s liquefied natural gas ( LNG ) project, 150 KTA polycarbonate project, Sichuan Petrochemicals’ Storage and transportation project.

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