In 2002, BPEC acquired ISO9001 quality management system standard certification. On this basis, the company established an integrated management system of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and obtained the corresponding certificate in 2008. After then, BPEC adopted various measures to improve the management system and successfully passed the annual supervision, audit and recertification.

BPEC always adheres to QHSE principle of "continuous improvement of management and technology to provide customers with satisfactory products and services and to realize the commitment to environmental protection and safety and health". Continuous improvement of management and technology expresses our commitment to continual improvement. Only to constantly improve our company's management and technology, can we constantly enhance the satisfaction of customers, society, employees and stakeholders. Projects are determined according to customer requirements and different customers have different requirements for functions and use value. Although the project entity’s quality can be evaluated according to applicable laws and regulations, its function and value are of no uniform standard, so is engineering project’s service quality. Therefore, "to provide customer with satisfactory products and services" expresses the commitment to meet requirements and it matches BPEC’s tenet.

"Health and safety" and "environmental protection" reflects the BPEC’s objectives and basic principles for management of environment and occupation health and safety, also they express the promise for pollution prevention and compliance with laws and regulations and other requirements.

Through systematic identification and determination of significant environmental factors, significant risks, BPEC continues to take active preventive control measures, performs comprehensive environment and occupation health and safety management, continuously improves environment and occupation health and safety performance, makes the society, the company itself and all parties concerned benefit, and achieves the commitment to continuous improvement, pollution prevention and compliance with laws and regulations and other requirements.

BPEC is very concerned about employee's occupation health. In addition to propaganda of health care knowledge, fire escape safety knowledge, BPEC has organized an annual comprehensive physical examination for the staff over the years. At the same time, BPEC also actively creates conditions for the staff to carry out various sports activities, strengthens the building of corporate culture and enhances employee’s occupation health.

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