Standard System

BPEC has always attached importance to the standardization work. As early as in 2006, BPEC completed the first edition of enterprise standard - System Documents of Beijing Petrochemical Design Institute after the company restructure, which laid the important foundation for the rapid development of the company. With the development and expansion of the company and the business, and the demand for refining, chemical industry, storage and transportation integration and the continuous improvement of enterprises demand, BPEC completed in 2008 the second edition enterprise standards which covers management standards, technical standards and working standards. Thus further improved the company’s standard system, and played an important role for enhancing the company's management and design. From 2010, to adapt to the rapid development of the company, BPEC, according to principles of "unification, standard, effectiveness, inheritance and innovation", further optimized and systematized company standard system, specified definition, overall framework and preparation principles of standard system classification and organized revisions. The new company standard system consists of four sub-standard systems such are enterprise management standard system, project management standard system, technical standard system and working standard system.

Standard System Chart

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