Human Resources

Since BPEC joined Yanchang Petroleum Group, the Group has committed to make BPEC an important window of engineering to attract excellent staff. BPEC will grasp the opportunity and make human resources achieve a breakthrough development. At present, BPEC has more than 1000 employees, with the Beijing headquarters having more than 600, Xi'an Branch more than 250 and Shanghai branch more than 180. 83 %of the staff are of bachelor degree or above and 50% of all employees are of intermediate or senior professional titles. According to BPEC’s strategy, the technical staff will be more than 2000 by 2015, including more than 1000 at the headquarters in Beijing, more than 500 at Shanghai branch and more than 500 at Xi'an branch.

Engineering disciplines: chemical process, refinery process, system, storage and transportation, analysis, environmental protection, Health and Safety, piping, layout, piping material, piping mechanic, powder, industrial furnace, static equipment, machinery, pump, maintenance, instrumentation, electrical, telecommunications, architecture, structure, water supply and drainage, thermal engineering, HVAC, plot plan and transportation, HSE, technical economy, cost estimation.

Project Management posts: project director, project manager, site manager, project engineer, control manager, plan engineer, cost control engineer, material control engineer, contract control engineer, document engineer, design manager, project secretary, quality assurance engineer, finance manager, project accounting, construction manager, procurement manager, purchaser, expeditor, inspector, transportation coordinator, start-up manager, IT manager, and so on.

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