Engineering Design

BPEC possesses Class A qualification certificate for engineering consulting services, and is capable of preparing Petrochemical Industry Plans, Petrochemical Park Plans, Project Proposals, (Pre-) Feasibility Study Report", Project Application Report, Fire Protection Section in Design, Environment Protection Section in Design, Safety Facilities Section in Design, Occupational Health Section in Design", Energy Saving Section in Design", " Seismic Fortification Section in Design". So far, the completed and ongoing projects of consultation and planning include: Dalian Changxing Island Petrochemical Park industrial development planning, , Dalian Changxing Island Petrochemical Industry Park’s overall development plan, Zhidan County energy industry development plan, the FSR on Shandong Yuhuang Petrochemicals’ fuel oil processing plant with 2000 KTA, Yanchang Petroleum’s Yan’an region’s 10 million tons/y integrated refinery chemical project planning, and the FSR on Yanchang Petroleum’s Xiwan coal carbonization and coal to oil project etc.

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