YCPC/KBR (Beijing) Technique Co. Ltd.

Yanchang Petroleum & KBR (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a Joint Venture founded by Beijing Petrochemical Engineering Co., LTD (BPEC) and American KBR (Kellogg Brown & Root) with an investment in a 50/50 proportion.

As the only joint venture of the KBR in China, the Company will, for the first time, introduce advanced technologies, such as the Veba-Combi-Cracking (VCC) process, Advanced Catalytic Olefines (ACO) technology, and Transport Integrated Gasifier (TRIG) technology and, based on the great strengths and global service networks of the Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd. and the KBR, promote the engineering development and industrialized application of poor heavy oil hydrogenation, residue hydrogenation, coal tar hydrogenation, light oil fluidized bed catalytic olefin making, advanced gasification, coal deep conversion and of some other key technologies in fields such as the petrochemical industry, the natural gas chemical, and the coal chemical in China or even all the world to find a more efficient industrial route closely combining efficient conversion of natural gas and coal with the petrochemical industry and contribute to sustainable development of the energy chemical industries of China and the world.

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